You have come to know and trust Columbia River Knife & Tool® to deliver high quality and innovative knives at popular prices. Now, in tandem with designer Ryan Glasgow, Columbia River Knife & Tool presents the much anticipated iNoxCase for the iPhone 4. With confidence, we offer you style and protection for your world of personal communication.

black-inox The new stainless steel iNoxCase by visionary industrial designer Ryan Glasgow provides the extra insurance your phone needs against flops and drops. Glasgow’s stylish open build design utilizes a stainless steel exoskeleton that allows access to all the ports and buttons on the iPhone 4 with the lid open or closed. purple-inox The case features an ultra-thin profile that adds minimal thickness or weight to the phone. Black Delrin® posts provide strength and good grip and tie it all neatly together making this a must have accessory. gold-inox The iNoxCase features a 180-degree rotating visor lid to protect the front display and allows views of the time and incoming calls with the precision cut opening. Flip the visor lid to access all of your phone’s buttons and apps. The rubber band on the flip lid neatly accommodates cash and credit cards. With the flip-lid at a 90-degree tilt your iNoxCase becomes a personal movie viewer-phone to prop up on a table. camo-inox With steel covering the iPhone 4 aluminosilicate display, you can toss your phone in your travel bag without worrying about breaking the glass. Keys and coins won’t scratch the display when you put it in your pocket. brushed-inox With your iPhone 4 locked and loaded in your iNoxCase the cameras and flash still work flawlessly. The case provides maximum clearance for input devices and chargers. Depending on your choice of docking station, the iNoxCase will also allow for easy docking of your iPhone 4. MSRP: $59.99 for Stainless, Gold, Black & Rainbow$69.99 for RealTree® Camo Features: Stainless steel construction and hardware 180 degree rotating lid protects main display Access to all ports and buttons with lid open or closed Cutout in visor lid allows view of time and incoming calls Delrin® posts provide strength and good grip Rubber band handy for money or credit cards Spare parts included Ultra-thin profile Easy insert into case Maximum clearance for input devices and chargers Screen protector included Stainless, Black, Gold, RealTree® Camo, or Rainbow finishes Disclaimer: While the iNoxCase provides solid protection for your iPhone 4®, we can’t guarantee the phone won’t break. Columbia River Knife & Tool is not liable for any damages that may occur while using the iNoxCase. Availability date for the iNoxCase is September 2011.

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You have come to know and trust Columbia River Knife & Tool® to deliver…