Crye Precision makes built-to-last gear like many manufacturers, but what sets Crye apart from the competition is the innovation the company brings to the field.

The all new Smart Pouch Suite focuses on that same type of innovation.

According to

… the Smart Pouch Suite is a simple lightweight pouch system designed to handle the vast majority of all load carriage tasks. It’s rather ingenious. Rather than specialize in a particular item, each pouch is designed to hold a variety of items within its size limitations, comfortably and securely. Imagine not having to purchase as many different, specialized pouches.

The Smart Pouch Suite features six different pouch options:

  • GP Pouch 6x6x3
  • GP Pouch 9x7x3
  • GP Pouch 11x6x4
  • 152 Bottle Pouch
  • Frag Pouch
  • 5.56/7.62/MBITR Pouch

All Smart Pouch Suite pouches have AVS, molle and belt attachment features built in.

For more information on the Smart Pouch Suite, please visit our friends at

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