New high BC lead-free copper hunting bullet with awesome expansion, even down to low impact velocities.

Cutting Edge Bullets has announced the release of the new Lazer line for big game rifles.

The three blade design of the tipped hollow cavity, operates on the hydraulic pressure caused when impacting flesh – as muscle contains 70-75% water. Testing in water has resulted in expansion as pictured, down to below 1,700 fps; and even lower in ballistic gel. The three blades most often make it to the far side of the chest on a broadside shot, while the Blunt Trauma Base™ (BTB™) continues on for almost certain complete penetration.

The new LAZER™ is a tipped, sleek, smooth bodied copper version of the field-proven brass Raptor™ bullets. Incorporating the patented SeaiTite™ Band (STB™) for a perfect seal in your barrel, the body is of a bore rider design. As such, with only the narrow STB™ ever contacting the bottom of the barrel grooves, friction is greatly reduced, with fouling virtually non-existent and no “BC-robbing” grooves!

On a harder, quartering shot, you won’t have to hope that a lead-cored, fragile bullet will make it to the vitals, or a limited expansion monolith will open enough for a humane harvest. Rest assured the Blunt Trauma Base™ will – and most often also provide an exit wound.

Match-grade accuracy, devastating and humane down to below 1,700 fps, the LAZER™ will give you the confidence to take those longer shots, should the opportunity arise in the field at a trophy of a lifetime.

Available in .308, .338, and .375 calibers.

For more information about the new Lazer line, contact Ken Kempa: [email protected]

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