Cutting Edge Bullets MTH redesign
Cutting Edge Bullets Releases Cheaper Practice Alternative to MTH Hollow-Point

There isn’t much of an explanation needed for what manufacturer Cutting Edge Bullets does well.

The company recently redesigned its MTH (Match/Tactical/Hunting) high BC hollow-point bullets to benefit shooters.

The MTH bullets have been redesigned to have a matching MTAC (Match/Tactical) solid. The redesign allows hunters to purchase the cheaper MTAC bullet to use for practice shots while its MTH counterpart of the same grain can be used when it’s time for the hunt.

The MTAC creates a much more economical shooting experience and allows for the use of the same load for both bullets.

Cutting Edge Bullet’s MTH is designed for the .338 Lapua Magnum and other .338 magnum rifles that are magazine fed. COAL will be the brass trimmed to trim length + 1.036″ bullet projection for preferred SealTite Band position. A minimum 1:9.5-inch barrel twist rate is required to properly stabilize this bullet. The BC on this bullet is .820.

After 1-2 inches of penetration, the tip of the MTH 338 bullet fragments off into three razor sharp petals, creating massive trauma, while the Blunt Trauma Base continues on for deeper penetration.

The MTH bullet retails for $81.12 for a box of 50.

For more information on the new MTAC bullet and other products from Cutting Edge Bullets, please visit

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