Whether you’re looking to take your tactical training to the next level or just want to increase the fun factor the next time you hit the range, there are a number of new shooting supplies you need to check out.

From subsonic ammunition to lightweight stock systems, this new gear can help maximize your time on the range. Read on the see how you can upgrade your kit today.

Allegiance SilentStrike 223 Subsonic Ammunition

The new SilentStrike load from Allegiance Ammunition fully functions in semi-auto and full-auto M4, AR-15 and HK416 weapon platforms at a silent 975 feet per second. No modification to your weapon is required. SilentStrike ammunition is currently produced in a lead-free, fragmenting, tungsten powder core. The fragmenting, 100-grain SilentStrike load gives excellent results in soft tissue even at subsonic velocities. (; 276-926-5563)

Battleline Stock Attachment Precision Rifle

The patented Stock Attachment Precision Rifle (SAPR) was developed by Battleline Industries to enhance the standard B5 Systems/LMT SOPMOD stock and the Magpul CTR, ACS, UBR, STR, ACS-L and MOE collapsible stocks, giving it the capability to be used as a collapsible, lightweight precision rifle stock. It is fully adjustable regarding cheek-comb height, buttpad vertical travel and 360 degrees of canting to custom fit the shoulder pocket. The SAPR cheekpiece also rotates 90 degrees left or right independently, allowing the user to transition between the adjusted comb height and original stock surface for use with multiple sight planes on one weapon platform used in conjunction, such as backup iron sights, a primary optic and a 45-degree-offset mini reflex sight. (; 303-917-8231)

Dead Foot Arms Modified Cycle System

The Dead Foot Arms Modified Cycle System is a retro-fit kit that allows a standard AR-15 platform to transform into a folding-stock rifle. Utilizing proprietary dual-spring technology, the Modified Cycle System eliminates bolt bounce and reduces the overall length of a rifle with a 16-inch barrel to 26.5 inches when the stock is folded. The built-in folding stock adapter provides positive retention when the stock is folded, and with a quick swing of the buttstock, the adapter ensures a rock-solid lockup in the deployed position. Thesystem includes a modified bolt carrier group, recoil springs and a folding stock adaptor kit. The end user can use their current buttstock or any butt stock that will attach to a standard AR-15. The Modified Cycle System attaches only to the lower receiver, allowing the use of any upper receiver of any caliber and any barrel length combination. (; 608-764-3076)

Exotic Firearms Nemesis SL 37mm Launcher

Exotic Firearms has created a new weapon-mounted 37mm launcher called the Nemesis SL Gen3. This unit allows for the loading of firework shells and smoke shells by the end user. It is designed to be mounted on an AR’s bottom handguard rail. This signaling device is the first under-barrel 37mm launcher to have a double-action trigger. In addition to being manufactured in the USA, the Nemesis SL is a side-loading 37mm launcher accepting all 37/38mm casings. (; 541-241-8110)

Franklin Armory Binary Firing System

The Franklin Armory Binary Firing System is a new, patent-pending design that features a three-position safety selector. Mode 1 is “safe,” Mode 2 is “semi-automatic” and Mode 3 is “Binary.” In Binary mode, the firearm will fire one round with each function of the trigger, whether a pull or a release. What makes the BFS different is that it has the ability to cancel the release-function round while in Binary mode by simply modulating the selector back to semi-automatic and letting your finger off the trigger. Three-Gun competitors, tactical shooters and recreational enthusiasts will truly appreciate this new design. Similar to the BFS is Franklin Armory’s Release Firing System, which operates in the same manner except that it only fires on the release of the trigger in Mode 3. (; 775-783-4313)

Griffin Armament Alpha Suppressor

The Alpha suppressor is a hybrid, lightweight, centerfire suppressor with a patent-pending ratchet-lock baffle system. The baffles are fully shielded and can be removed for cleaning and maintenance. This means you can shoot rimfire rounds up through 300 Win Mag loads with this suppressor. End caps can be switched from .30 to .22 caliber. Also included is a 1/2×28 taper mount, direct thread adapter, a .30-caliber minimalist brake mount and a .30-caliber end cap. Constructed from Grade 5 titanium and 17-4 steel, the Alpha weighs in at a scant 14.5 ounces. When coupled with the Minimalist Taper Mount Brake, the Alpha has the lightest system weighs in class at only 16.3 ounces. Using its new HEDP baffle technology, the Alpha achieves flagship performance common to longer or fatter silencers in a more compact slender package. (

Luth-AR MBA-3 Stock

The MBA-3 Carbine is Luth-AR’s new revolutionary stock. This stock is intended to be paired with AR carbines to allow shooters the advantages of full adjustability. Not only is it one of the lightest and most affordable adjustable buttstocks on the market, it includes several standout features and attributes. Easy to install and swap out, the MBA-3 fits all .223 ARs and most .308 AR rifles, and it weighs only 18 ounces. The stock also adds 1 inch of cheek height on the cheekrest and an additional 1.06 inches to length of pull. (

Wheeler Digital FAT Wrench

Wheeler’s Digital Firearm Accurizing Torque (FAT) Wrench brings even more precise torque settings to the handheld torque wrench market. This amazing digital, handheld torque wrench lets you apply repeatable, accurate torque settings to your scope rings, bows and other screws. The audible and visual indicators let the user know exactly when the desired torque setting has been achieved. The large range of 15 to 100 inches/pounds will aid in accuracy for all your screws and decreases the opportunity for problems in the field. The FAT Wrench Bits are built to last and are made from S2 tool steel and hardened to a 56-56 Rockwell. (; 877-509-9160)

Wheeler Professional Digital Trigger Gauge

Wheeler’s Professional Digital Trigger Gauge features an overmolded design and soft-touch buttons for comfort and a consistent line of pull. The load cell directly contacts the trigger, making it the most accurate trigger gauge available. It has a range of 0 to 12 pounds with an accuracy rating of +/- 1 ounce. The gauge has multiple functions, such as maximum, minimum, average and live weight. The easy-to-see low battery indicator and audible indicator make it easy to keep track of your remaining power. The arm holding the load cell swings into the housing for storage to protect the load cell, and to fit in the heavy-duty, injection-molded storage case. (; 877-509-9160)

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