New ammo is always something to get excited about. New ammo from Daniel Defense? Even more so.

Daniel Defense has just released the first caliber of high-quality ammunition it will offer under its First Choice brand: 300 AAC Blackout.

The company also has plans to expand its offerings to include the popular 5.56mm and 7.62mm calibers in the future.

The new Daniel Defense First Choice 300BLK (7.62x35mm) Subsonic Ammunition is designed for target shooting and/or home defense. It is manufactured using the highest-quality components available, including durable brass cases and precision 220-grain LapuaScenar-L OTM bullets, the first choice for serious target-shooting competition.

To ensure the highest levels of quality, each and every First Choice round stamped with a “DD” must undergo and pass a thorough inspection to ensure critical dimensions that affect accuracy are met before it leaves the Daniel Defense factory.

Daniel Defense 300BLK Subsonic Ammunition retails for $50 for a box of 30 rounds.

The Daniel Defense First Choice 300 AAC Blackout ammo is currently for sale only directly from Free shipping is included on any ammunition purchase of a case, which contains four boxes of ammo, or more.

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