Dave Sevigny is one of the industry’s top pro shooters and receives plenty of questions about what kind of gear he uses to help him out while competing. TACTICAL-LIFE.COM brings you the breakdown of what he used during the USPSA Production division:


Glock Shooting Sports Cap
Black, heavy cotton brushed, unstructured low crown cap. Glock Shooting Sports is embroidered in white. (Sevigny is one of three members of the Team GLOCK Shooting Squad)


Oakley M-Frame Glasses with Hybrid/Clear or Various Shaded Lenses
Durable, unmatched clarity. One-piece lens can be changed to another shade in seconds if necessary due to changes in lighting.


Custom Molded Ear Plugs
A number of companies offer this service. You may find a vendor set up at major shooting competitions or gun shows. Another option would be a do-it-yourself kit.


Pro-Ears Dimension 2 Hearing Protection
I prefer double hearing protection when shooting. The Pro-Ears Dimension 2, or Dimension Plus, is a light weight, comfortable ear muff featuring Dynamic Level Sound Compression Technology. This superior technology allows the wearer to hear every sound even during high volume noise spikes. With Dimension 2 electronic hearing protection harmful noise levels are kept to within 70 dB while all sounds below 70dB are amplified up to 8X normal hearing. This is perfect for when you need to hear range commands in between shots being fired without having to strain


TechWearUSA shirts are light, breathable, and moisture wicking.


5.11 Academy Short or 5.11 Tactical Pant
Durable, comfortable and functional. Self adjusting waistband, double thick seat and knees and eight pockets.


Rescomp CR Speed Hi Torque Belt
This rigid belt allows the holster and magazine pouches to stay attached to the belt for easy on/off. Using Velcro, the 1.5” outer belt sticks to the inner belt which is threaded through the pant loops.


Or Wilderness Instructors Belt
While I do not frequently use this belt for USPSA gear, it is the only belt I use for defensive shooting sports and daily wear. I use the 5-stitch, Combat Shooters Model (C.S.M.) with a polyethylene insert which provides more vertical rigidity over the standard belts.


Kytac Sooper Hooper 2 Kydex Holster
Kytac uses actual firearms (instead of inert demo replicas) when shaping the holster for unmatched quality. The holster is secure, yet fast.
Features adjustable tension and a speed cut. I use the closed loop 1.5” wide belt slot.

Kytac MP-2 Kydex Magazine Pouches
Same quality and features as the Kytac SH2 holster. The MP-2 pouches provide positive retention of the magazine yet expose enough of the magazine body for the user to locate and draw from the pouch for a fast reload. I use the closed loop, 1.5” wide belt slot.



Glock 34, 9×19 Pistol
The Glock 34 is my favorite pistol. It will function 100% of the time with the accuracy I need to make a championship run in every shooting contest. Internal changes from factory stock condition (USPSA Production rules) are as follows: Glock factory standard slide stop lever, Wolff 14 lb. conventional recoil spring, Wolff reduced firing pin spring, Wolff steel guide rod, Wolff trigger spring (optional), Wolff firing pin safety spring (optional). Sometimes I’ll polish certain parts to get the trigger pull to my preferred feel. In most cases I’ll end up with a 4-4.5 lb. pull which in my experience has proven to be safe in reliable.



Warren Tactical Series-Sevigny Competition Plain Black Sights with ”Warrior” finish (SCP-00, Warrior)
I consider the WTS, SCP-00 sight to be the most important modification made to my pistols. It is a tough, fixed sight with a very clean sight picture. The hardened rear sight has a smooth surface which is angled rearward and features a .150” wide x .120” deep rectangular notch. The front sight features 70 LPI serrations and is .115” wide x .215” tall. The contrast between the un-serrated rear and serrated front creates an ideal condition for the user to acquire the sights when presenting the pistol and to “track” the sights when the pistol recoils. The rear sight top flats provide a positive vertical reference for the front sight. The rear notch/front sight dimensions (sight ratios) create light bars which make it easy to center especially when firing at full speed. The Sevigny sight variants have gained a large following among winning competitors and the LE community. Sevigny sights are proven, having won numerous titles including dozens of National championships using several different pistols and calibers. There are four standard configurations including the Competition Plain, Carry Plain, Carry Tritium and Competition with fiber optic front sight (replaceable green and red rod provided). The Carry configurations feature rounded outer rear sight corners designed to be more “Carry Friendly”. Two-dot tritium variants feature a large green front with white outline and a small yellow rear dot positioned below the notch. All Warren Tactical rear sights are hardened, but the Warrior finish option provides another level of protection against rust and provides an even harder surface to both the front and rear sight. Contact [email protected] for prices and availability of Warrior finish sights. For all standard finish WTS sights for Glock and other makes and models, please contact any Warren Tactical Series dealers found at


Glock 9mm Magazines
I use factory stock G17 magazines. Eight magazines are stored in my range bag for match use and practice. This gives me enough spares to continue practice or onto the next course of fire when I don’t have a chance to clean magazines right away. When competing, I keep four on the belt and one in the pistol.


Atlanta Arms and Ammo, 9×19/147 grain JHP
Dubbed the “Team Glock” 9mm, this is the ammunition I’ve used since 2003 and is very soft shooting and accurate. Velocity averages 940 feet per second from a Glock 34 with the factory length 5.3” barrel. This load makes the minimum 125,000 power floor (minor power factor) with most common auto pistols on the market. Atlanta Arms & Ammo manufactures quality ammunition and they have outstanding customer service.


Nike Landshark Cleat or Adidas GSG9 Boot
Both have decent traction and are relatively light in weight.

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