Dead Air Armament Ghost-M Modular Suppressor SHOT Show 2016

Dead Air Armament’s Ghost-M suppressor has a unique, truly modular design that allows it to adapt to calibers from .22 LR to .45 ACP and 300BLK, and it can shrink down from 8.75 to 6.2 inches at the operator’s discretion.

The 2.5-inch forward sound module unthreads from the body, and by transferring the forward sound baffle and front cap to the rear section, you can enclose that rear section to form a 6.2-inch, 9.6-ounce version of the suppressor. This lighter, more compact size extends the Ghost-M suppressor’s utility for use on smaller handguns, while the longer size affords greater sound reduction, especially on submachine guns and PDWs.

The suppressor’s body is 1.4 inches in diameter, finished with Cerakote and features a nitride finish on attachments.

The body is comprised of 17-4 stainless steel and titanium to balance weight with durability, and the unit is backed by Dead Air’s lifetime warranty. The Ghost-M suppressor is rated for 300 BLK subsonic rounds as well, and it is full-auto rated.

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