Dead Air Armament Key Mount Brake

Dead Air Armament has announced the Key Mount Brake included in the purchase of every Dead Air suppressor is now available for sale as a separate item.

Dead Air suppressor users will not have to remove the included Key Mount Brake of the Dead Air suppressor just to change guns. Sold separately, as well as included with every Dead Air suppressor, the Key Mount Brake allows users to quickly and easily attach and detach Dead Air suppressors to multiple guns.

The Key Mount Brake is currently available in ½ – 28 and 5/8 -24 with additional options coming later in 2015.

Made from a high strength corrosion resistant alloy with an ultra-durable nitride finish, the Key Mount Brake is 2.6 inches long with a 1.08 inch diameter, weighing a little more than 3.5 ounces.

The Key Mount Brake retails for $99 and is available at Dead Air retailers.

For more information on the Key Mount Brake and other products from Dead Air Armament, please visit

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