The Kestrel 4500 NV with Horus ATrag Ballistics allows you to load, customize and store multiple guns, rounds and targets.

A scout sniper team crouches in the shade of a rock outcrop on a windswept Afghanistan ridge, glassing for movement on a parallel ridge more than 1,500 meters away. Knowing that a regular trail crosses the ridge in the distance, the spotter fixes his laser rangefinder on a far-off boulder at the edge of the Taliban trail. Taking the distance reading, the spotter takes a stylus and taps on a handheld gadget to input range, atmospherics, altitude and wind. Instantly, the device responds with a readout giving scope adjustments for the team’s .338 Lapua Magnum primary weapon.

Later the same day, a father-and-son team performs a similar scenario as they prepare to reduce the prairie dog population on a wind-swept, isolated cattle pasture in Wyoming.

Range estimation and optics adjustments are just a fraction of the firearms-related technological advances available in our electronic age. A wide array of computer programs keeps track of data previously scrawled into notebooks. From reloadings to bullet flight predictions, Rifle Firepower shares some of the best to help you improve your trigger time.


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