Hunters, anglers, special LE teams, weekend warriors—you name it—can reap the benefits of this innovative truck-bed storage system. In collaboration with Altair Product Design group of Detroit, DECKED’s patent-pending design is the culmination of nearly three years of intense research and development using American ingenuity and manufacturing.

Instead of ranting and raving about this new (and highly affordable) stow-and-go system, let’s just dive into the bullet points of the two currently available options.

Short Bed Details

  • The DECKED Short Bed is built from 100 percent recycled, high-density polyethylene co-molded to a steel subframe (most of the steel is also recycled).
  • A true engineered deck load rating of 2,000 pounds. Note: If you drop a cannonball onto the deck, the DECKED system will probably be damaged—just like your existing truck bed would be. DECKED can handle 2,000 pounds, but be sensible about it.
  • The storage system weighs 185 pounds
  • No drilling is needed; the system attaches to the existing tie-downs in your truck.
  • The system fits precisely, ensuring no gaps between the deck and sidewalls of your truck bed.
  • The drawers are engineered to hold 200 pounds each while still rolling smoothly.
  • Oversized, cast-aluminum handles make it easy to open the drawers with one hand.
  • Full bed-length drawers roll smoothly on sealed bearing wheels.
  • The drawers are weatherproof, keeping your gear dry.
  • The drawers can hold ice to keep your beverages cold (drain plugs are sold separately).
  • Drawer measurements: 61.4 inches (L) by 18.1 inches (W) by 8.4 inches (H).
  • “Ammo cans” provide four areas of additional storage on either side of the wheel wells; flip the lids and you have eight beverage holders or a handy place to store nuts, bolts or screws when working on or near your truck. (Note: These ammo cans are not watertight.)
  • The system features a stainless steel edge-guard ruler and bottle opener.
  • The DECKED storage system can handle UV light, moisture and extreme heat or cold.
  • The system can be installed easily (by two people) and can be removed in about 20 minutes.
  • DECKED units come with three-year limited warranties.
  • DECKED accessories are available and sold separately. Check out DECKED’s tie-down tracks, locks, dividers, trays and drawer drain plugs.

Standard Bed details (that differ from the Short Bed version above)

  • This bed weighs about 200 pounds.
  • Drawer measurements: 72.1 inches (L) by 18.1 inches (W) x 8.4 inches (H).

Digging Deeper

  • Strength: Using CAD data and OEM engineering standards, DECKED is designed to out-perform the competition under even the toughest conditions. Utilizing high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic co-molded around a steel frame, you will experience the torsional and lateral stiffness of a factory truck bed.
  • Good Parts: DECKED went to great lengths to ensure comprehensive high quality and durability of its products. Like true truck geeks, the DECKED folks use only stainless or zinc-chromate steel hardware, and the steel parts are finished with rust inhibitors that exceed automotive standards.
  • Maximized Capacity: Each of the DECKED system’s drawers feature a 200- pound-load-carrying capacity and provides you nearly limitless custom storage solutions to make your day—and your pickup—more efficient. Now you can keep your gear and tools organized, accessible, secure and out of the weather without affecting the use of your truck bed.
  • Utility For Work: Storing and accessing your stuff should be easy. DECKED has developed a system that raises the deck, allowing you to store your tools, hardware and other items securely, out of the way and out of the weather, while having full use of the rest of your truck bed. Your time is money and being more efficient and working with less effort allows you more time and energy off the clock to do what you really love.
  • Utility For Play: It can take a lot of toys to have a lot of fun. With DECKED you can store your rods, guns, skis, boards, sleeping bags, camp gear, tailgate party “items” or whatever else you need. Whether it be at the lake, ocean, mountain or parking lot, you can pretty much bring everything!


  • Trays & Dividers: Get more out of your DECKED drawers with customizable storage thanks to DECKED’s accessory trays and dividers. Segment your space to fit your needs and utilize removable trays to truly get organized for the task. The trays and drawers are tinted light gray to make seeing what you are looking for easier.
  • Deck Tie-Down Options: DECKED’s custom-made Core Trax 1000 and T-track mounting systems allow you to install robust tie-down loops or mount Yakima, Thule and other rack systems quickly and easily. The tracks mount directly to the DECKED system’s steel frame for optimum performance.
    • Locks & Drain Plugs: Lock up your tools, guns, rods, skis, etc., more securely with our drawer lock and key system. Utilize optional drawer drain plugs to drain water and melted ice, making clean-up from an epic tailgate party a breeze.

For more information, visit or call 208-806-0251.

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