Defense Technology cerakote finish single gas launcher
Cerakote Barrel Finish for the 37 mm SIngle Gas Launcher

Defense Technology has made a name for itself as a leader in offering less lethal solutions for the law enforcement. The company has manufactured a complete line of duty aerosols, less lethal impact munitions, crowd management products and tactical deployment devices, among many other items.

Now, Defense Technology has unveiled a new Cerakote coating for its popular Model 1327 and 1315 Single Launchers.

According to studies by Cerakote, the finish has abrasion-resistance far superior to any other standard gun coatings and outlasts other finishes in salt spray testing and elevated environmental exposure.

“The Cerakote finish enhances abrasion and wear resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, impact strength and hardness,” said John Kapeles, Defense Technology Director.

In addition to the barrel color, the Model 1327 40mm Single Launcher is also available in orange, tan and green at an additional cost. Also, Defense Technology now offers upgrade kits for owners of the 1325 launcher to match the features of the 1327 launcher, including the standard black Cerakote coating.

The 1327 Launcher, 1315 Launcher and the 1325 upgrade kit with Cerakote Barrels are now available for sale to law enforcement agencies only.

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