A unique product in this year’s Less Lethal market is Defense Technology’s First Defense 360. Innovative aerosol technology enables First Defense 360 to provide officers with a consistent stream of OC regardless of how the canister is angled when activated. The canister will maintain its pressure at every angle due to a formula-filled mylar bag, which separates the formula from the canister and allows the compressed air to pressurize the bag regardless of canister orientation and angle.

In addition to advanced aerosol technology, another positive of this product is the formula used inside the innovative canister. Defense Technology’s First Defense® formulation is the company’s original, fully tested formulation that has been proven by law enforcement over many years to be safe and effective. Defense Technology also discloses all ingredients in the First Defense® formulation. The company clearly has nothing to be ashamed of; The product is free of harsh solvents, is nontoxic, non-flammable and 100% food-grade with an inert propellant, making it the only formulation that addresses health and environmental risks in the less-lethal market.

first-defense-360_mk-3.gifThis product’s effectiveness has also been documented. In fact, three out of four police departments choose First Defense products because they are the only products backed by a comprehensive effectiveness study:

In a study conducted by the California Department of Justice, First Defense was proven 87% effective in 23,095 incidents.

First Defense 360™ is available in both MK-3 and MK-4 size canisters.

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