DeSantis Gunhide Quick-Safe Model 122
DeSantis Gunhide Quick-Safe Model 122

New for 2014, the DeSantis Gunhide Quick-Safe Model 122 will be coming out soon for Glock pistols, followed by Smith & Wesson M&P pistols, Sig Sauer and Beretta. The Quick-Safe is a strong-side, belt-slide-type holster that is made for concealment, but also has a Level II security rating. This rating comes due to the holster’s ambidextrous safety devices. These devices act on the pistol’s triggerguard to prevent gun snatches and are released by pressing them with the thumb and trigger finger simultaneously. It actually feels quite natural and is easy to perform for the user. This is not a bulky rig as it is made from light but durable Kydex. The holster has a tunnel for the front sight, and the belt loops can be adjusted to fit a belt up to 1.75 inches in width. For more information, visit

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