Desert Tech R7S Chassis Remington 700
The Desert Tech R7S Chassis

Desert Tech has made quite a name for itself so far in 2015 and it isn’t slowing down. The company recently released its R7S stock chassis.

The R7S stock chassis was designed for users looking to maximize the portability, comfort and accuracy of their Remington 700 short action rifle.

The chassis has an adjustable cheek-piece, adjustable length of pull, ambidextrous folding stock, a precision monopod option and polymer insulation on all skin contact points.

As a true drop in chassis for all Remington 700 short action rifle, the R7S chassis includes oversized recoil lugs without modification and was designed to accept both Accuracy International Ax magazines and Badger Ordnance magazines.

  • Unfolded Stock Length: 33.5 inches (85.1 cm)
  • Folded Stock Length: .308 Win: 22.6 inches (57.4 cm); .223 Rem: 16.6 inches (42.2 cm)
  • Weight: 3.26 pounds (1.47 kg)

The MSRP on the fixed stock is $745, while the MSRP on the folding stock is $795.

Future drop-in chassis’ may include the Remington 700 long action and Savage actions.

For more information on the R7S and other products from Desert Tech, please visit

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