Digital Ally VuLink
Digital Ally's VuLink Brings New Level of Digital Recording to LEOs

Body cameras are becoming a bigger trend for law enforcement agencies around the country.

Digital Ally has a new camera system that is truly the first of its kind: the VuLink.

The VuLink allows the Digital Ally’s Digital In-Car Video Systems and its FirstVU HD Body Camera to seamlessly work together, providing law enforcement with a fully integrated audio and video record of activities or evidence collection in the field.

The system works whether the officer is inside, in close proximity to or up to 200 feet away from the officer’s vehicle.

VuLink is the first product on the market that enables body cameras and in-car video systems to be automatically or manually activated simultaneously.

For example, when a vehicle’s emergency lights are activated, the body camera will automatically begin recording simultaneously with the vehicle’s video system. By doing so, the camera removes any distraction to the driver or the chance that the officer may forget to activate a recording manually.

Alternatively, if the officer is away from the vehicle when an incident occurs, VuLink will allow him/her to remotely start recordings on both systems with the FirstVU HD Body Camera. The recordings from both systems can later be linked together to provide a seamless record of the same incident from different perspectives utilizing the Company’s VuVault software.

The VuLink body and dash cam is available now for $495.

For more information on the VuLink and other products from Digital Ally, please visit

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