Discrete Defense Solutions couldn’t have a more appropriate name, especially in relation to one of the company’s newest products: the AR15 Truck Console Mount.

Referred to by Discrete Defense as a “modern version of the old gun rack,” the AR15 Truck Console Mount solves all of the problems of transporting your AR15 style rifle or Ruger Mini.

From Discrete Defense: “We have all had the dilemma of finding a suitable place in the truck for our AR15 to safely ride to the range or to our favorite hunting spot, and many of us have resorted to wedging the magazine between the seat and the console. Not only is this unsafe, but can cause scratching and other damage to your favorite AR 15 and can certainly ruin the zero on your optic, and with the high price of ammo nobody wants to re-zero an optic.”

Discrete Defense’s AR15 Truck Console Mount fixes any transportation problems with a simple lift of the lid on your truck’s console. Just place the AR15 Truck Console Mount onto the wall of the console, close the lid and it’s secure. You then simply rotate the magazine into the sleeve on the mount and your AR15 will ride right along with you

When you are ready to remove the AR15, you lift the buttstock to rotate the rifle out of the AR 15 Truck Console Mount.

If you are a Law Enforcement Officer, the AR15 Truck Console Mount allows you to easily, and quickly deploy your AR15/M4 from either door or sitting in either seat.

Discrete Defense has a number of different models available for various vehicles from Chevy to Hummer, but the company can also custom make the AR15 Truck Console Mount. Visit for any customization questions.

For more information on the AR15 Truck Console Mount and other products from Discrete Defense Solutions, please visit

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