Maghack kit lead
The Maghack super high capacity magazine kit

For shooters looking to increase their firearm’s magazine capacity, there’s a new solution from Maghack.

The Maghack kit allows the user to transform their magazines to make a single, super high-capacity magazine. The kit allows for two magazines to be connected, end-to-end, effectively doubling the shooter’s uninterrupted trigger pulls.

The Maghack kit contains the following items:

  • One Maghack set
  • One clamp
  • One keeper loop
  • One file

The Maghack kit requires the user to disassemble the included magazines and file the bottom faces of each mag, removing all burrs and mold lines. The bottom surfaces will eventually connect at their “mating” points.

The user then must bevel all edges of the spring bases with 45-degree bevels and file all protrusions that could interfere with travel through the joint of the “mating” surfaces.

After attaching the keeper loop on the clamp, the user should pre-fit the clamp on the mag, remove any slack and deform the clamp as necessary to fit around the magazines “mating point.”

The followers, springs and bases should then be put back into the magazines as normal, compressing the springs and “mate mag” bodies end-to-end.

The user then places one Maghack half on each side of the meeting bodies and places the clamp on the corresponding grooves of those halves. A 5/16-inch wrench or socket tightens the clamp for a finished product.

For more information on the Maghack kit, including what firearm and magazine models it is available for, please visit

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