Let’s face it; shooters of the AR-15 family of black guns have it good. Once you have a suitable stock rifle in hand, the plethora of available accessories that you can use to customize it to meet your specific personal needs and tastes is almost endless. For experienced shooters who know what they like, it doesn’t get much better. However, for shooters new to the AR platform, the wide selection of aftermarket accessories can be confusing if not downright overwhelming. And trial and error can be an expensive way of figuring out what you really want on your black gun.

dpms2What would happen if some really smart people took a truly objective look at the products that experienced shooters buy to accessorize their black guns? Better yet, what if, based on that research, you got one of the premier black-gun manufacturers and some of the leading accessory companies in the industry to join forces to offer a pre-accessorized rifle that comes right out of the box with everything you really need? Well, what you’d have is the new DPMS RAPTR (Rapid Assault/Primary Tactical Rifle).

The original concept for the RAPTR was developed by DPMS’ law enforcement/military guru Evin Galbraith and Crimson Trace Corporation’s Travis Noteboom, who then took the concept to the 2009 NRA Convention where they consulted with their industry peers Dave Biggers of XS Sights, Jason Harmon of ERGO/Falcon Industries and Julie Knuth of US Peacekeepers.

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Let’s face it; shooters of the AR-15 family of black guns have it good.…