Drone Munitions np

Some people worry about the privacy, spying and public safety that comes along with drone technology.

Some states and local municipalities are already considering establishing laws allowing for the lawful shooting down of drones invading private property, which is where Drone Munitions comes in.

Drone Munitions is bringing a product to the market that will help with shooting down an unauthorized drone infringing on the rights to privacy.

The product launch from Drone Munitions will include a ferromagnetic ballistic payload 12 gauge shotshell capable of drone defense, with plans already in place to launch innovative new shotshell technology concepts within 2015.

The company will also launch a full merchandizing line of apparel, accessories and targets.

Snake River Shooting Products and Consulting Inc (SRSP), is working hand-in-hand with Drone Munitions to bring high-quality and high-performance products to the market that will ensure Americans are prepared for the Drone threat facing the world today.

All of the the company’s products can be ordered by contacting SRSP at [email protected]snakerivershootingproducts.com.

Stay up to date at DroneMunition.com.

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