Let’s face it, we love to tinker and rarely can we resist the temptation to “improve” our test firearms, and the subject of this evaluation was no different. Our DoubleStar carbine came to us “ready for the street” as claimed by the manufacturer, but most officers will add personal touches to their carbines to suit their individual tastes and requirements. One has only to look at carbines in the hands of troops in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as police tactical teams to see that the box-stock carbine literally doesn’t exist. All have lights, lasers, forward pistol grips, optics and just about any other custom feature imaginable. So when we received our test DoubleStar, we set out to customize it to suit our individual requirements.

Photos by Chris RohlingWe should note that the DoubleStar is an ideal platform for a custom carbine as it already has many of the basic features that officers will want that are very reasonable priced. Moreover, the DoubleStar is made of forgings throughout and all components are military specification (MILSPEC). For these reasons, the DoubleStar is an excellent basis for conversion into a true custom tactical carbine

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Let’s face it, we love to tinker and rarely can we resist the temptation…