Defense Technology Tactical 40mm 4-Shot Launcher lead
The Defense Technology Tactical 40mm 4-Shot Launcher

Defense Technology is a brand of Safariland, and the company has launched into 2016 with the release of its Tactical 40mm 4-Shot Launcher.

The Tactical 40mm 4-Shot Launcher features an expandable ROGERS Super Stoc and an adjustable Picatinny mounted front grip.

The 4-Shot Launcher will fire standard 40mm Less Lethal ammunition, up to 4.8 inches in cartridge length. Lightweight and tactical, this weapon is not designed to fire 40mm High Velocity HE ammunition.

The Picatinny Rail Mounting System will accept a wide array of enhanced optics/sighting systems.

The Launcher is precision manufactured by Lewis Machine & Tool exclusively for Defense Technology

For more information on the Tactical 40mm 4-Shot Launcher and other products from Defense Technology or Safariland, please visit


  • Pump action advance
  • Quad rail
  • Single / Double action S&W trigger group with safety mechanism
  • Ambidextrous breech release

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