Some law enforcement gear is designed to make the job easier, while other bits of kit can save an officer’s life.

Here are a few of the better items to consider adding to your loadout before your next shift.

5.11 Bail Out Bag

The Bail Out Bag from 5.11 Tactical is small enough to keep handy in your squad car but large enough to hold the gear you would need in an active-shooter event. It has external pockets to store six AR-15 magazines, utility pockets, a large center storage area, and the carry strap has a quick release. Its MSRP is $65. For more information, visit or call 866-451-1726.

AR500 ARMOR Sentry Plate Carrier Package

AR500 manufactures affordable plate carrier systems that allow a law enforcement officer to armor up for a high-risk call. AR500 plates have NIJ Level III ratings, meaning they’ll stop 7.62mm NATO rifle rounds. Various colors and packages are available. The MSRP starts at $215 for the carrier, two plates and magazine pouches. For more information, visit or call 602-501-9607.

Danner Tachyon

Danner’s lightweight Tachyon boots (leather or fabric) have several features designed for law enforcement, including polishable toes and waterproof Gore-Tex linings. You’ll have to try these boots on to understand their incredible comfort. The MSRP is $130-150. For more information, visit or call 877-432-6637.

Forensics Source Patrol Pak Kit

The Patrol Pak Kit conveniently packages the TranZport Hood, Flex-Cuf Restraints, Evidence Bags, Nitrile Gloves, Shoe Covers and First Response Markers. Products come in a durable plastic case and can be refilled with any combination of products, allowing customization to meet future needs for law enforcement. For more information, call 800-347-1200 or visit

Mesa Tactical SureShell Carriers

Mesa Tactical SureShell carriers mount up to eight additional shotgun shells on the side of the scattergun’s receiver. SureShell carriers are designed to withstand 12-gauge recoil and are made for Remington, Mossberg, FN and Benelli shotguns. MSRPs start at $65. For more information, visit or call 714-545-3332.

Revision StingerHawk

StingerHawk spectacles from Revision Military offer incredible eye protection while providing everything an officer might want out of normal sunglasses. They are fog-, chemical- and scratch-resistant while providing 100-percent UV protection. More importantly, they exceed U.S. military ballistic impact-resistance requirements. The MSRP is $125. For more information, visit or call 800-383-6049.

Streamlight SL-20L

The SL-20L is a modern interpretation of Streamlight’s full-sized duty flashlight for law enforcement. Rated at 350 lumens and 60,000 candela, this flashlight has the ability to reach across a field or golf course and illuminate a suspect. The light is rechargeable and has a two-hour run time. Its MSRP is $225. For more information, visit or call 800-523-7488.

Tactical Mic Klip

For law enforcement officers, losing a shoulder mic in a pursuit or fight can have tragic consequences. The Tactical Mic Klip (TMK) is a simple device that secures an officer’s radio microphone to a button on the front of the uniform or on the epaulette. The TMK does not alter the uniform appearance and does an excellent job of securing the mic. Its MSRP is $10. For more information, visit

Liberator III LITE

Liberator III Lite headset systems are exceptional headsets for law enforcement, military, and PSD Operators who require secure dual-comm capabilities. This product is an optimal communication system for operators who conduct operations with two radios simultaneously. It enables one headset to monitor and transmits on two radios with a streamlined cable configuration and a single Press-to-Talk enclosure with one button for each radio. For more information, visit or call 888-990-1600.

XADS LightShield

Using a combination of Kevlar and titanium, the XADS LightShield is a compact ballistic shield that uses a 32,000-lumen light to disorient a suspect. The light is rechargeable and will provide up to 30 minutes of continuous run time. Its MSRP is $495. For more information, visit

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