Seahorse Protective Equipment Cases
This duty-proof case is shockproof, waterproof and dustproof.

Maintaining complete control of weapons and gear is a must for the armed professional. This is true of not only when they are on your immediate person, but also when you are off duty and not in direct control of them. It goes without saying that when these are not in use or on your person, it is best to keep this valuable equipment locked up and secure.

Seahorse Protective Equipment Cases are not only built tough to protect your gear, but they are also very discreet. To the average onlooker they simply look like sturdy cases of the sort typically used for expensive or fragile gear, such as video equipment. It also helps that these cases can be had in a variety of colors ranging from standard black to grey and even safety yellow or orange; the weapons case could pass for road-safety or traffic-accident equipment.


Seahorse cases are made with a reinforced polymer shell that is shockproof, waterproof and dust-proof. The interior features thick foam padding and an eggshell lid with adjustable compartments for gear, ammo, magazines and more. There is an automatic pressure-purge system on the exterior to account for elevation and atmospheric conditions, as well as standard molded padlock holes (locking latches are also available from Seahorse).

The cases range in size, storing from one to four handguns, and a variety of inserts are available for added versatility. These cases meet military specifications and international standards for protecting sensitive gear and withstanding temporary immersion in water as well as extreme temperatures.

For more information this and other Seahorse products visit their website, or call 626-339-6673.

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