Law enforcement officers rely on their hard-earned skills and their gear to perform their duty every day. From footwear to covert imaging to edged weapons and holsters, here is some of the newest law enforcement gear to hit the market to better enhance every LEO’s presence in the real world.

Check out the products below to see how you can upgrade your gear.


5.11 Tactical EVO Boot

Footwear is an important component of any law enforcement uniform. This uniform piece should not be underestimated. When I ran the Training Unit for the Rockford, Illinois, Police Department, I conducted an analysis that indicated that our officers suffered more injuries from slipping on ice and falling during foot chases. I was excited to see 5.11 Tactical introduced its new EVO Boot for 2015. This boot is constructed to allow for a more natural stance and responsive feel. It incorporates patented D3O impact protection for a softer, more flexible and shock-absorbent foundation. The tread on these boots is aggressive, and although I haven’t tested them in the elements, by appearance I would wager that they will provide excellent traction. These boots come in a 6-inch and 8-inch height option and can also be purchased with waterproof or composite safety toe features added. The EVO Boot will be available in May 2015. (; 866-451-1726)


5.11 Tactical Stryke Motor Pant

For motor cops, 5.11 Tactical is introducing the Stryke Motor Pant to provide safety and comfort on the open road, all while ensuring motor officers are always ready to take on their day-to-day duties. The pant uses of Flex-Tac fabric, a self-adjusting waistband and a gusseted crotch to allow for all-day comfort and improved range of motion. The Stryke Motor Pant also allows officers to work while seated, as it features articulated knees, cargo pockets and adjustable elastic stirrups to keep pants from creeping up. A Kevlar lining in the hips, knees and seat area provide added protection from road rash. The pants will be available in February 2015 in black, TDU khaki, midnight navy, TDU green and dark navy. (; 866-451-1726)


5.11 Tactical Stryke PDU

The Stryke PDU (Patrol Duty Uniform) is a two-piece pant/shirt set. A descendant of the popular Stryke pant, the Stryke PDU offers new elements, such as hidden document pockets in the shirt, a low profile cargo pocket, which reverses the typical cargo pocket design allowing for better concealment, and built-in flashlight pocket. The built in flashlight pocket is an option that will really appeal to those officers who lack the real estate on their duty belt. The Stryke PDU will be available in February 2015 for $84.99 MSRP in Black and Midnight Navy. (; 866-451-1726)


5.11 Tactical Stryke TDU (Tactical Duty Uniform)

The Stryke TDU is a two-piece pant/shirt set. The top is designed for wear under an outer plate carrier or load-bearing vest. The front chest pockets are canted and reinforced. The long-sleeved shirts have articulated elbows to ensure lasting durability and comfort. For added comfort—even throughout long hours of wear—the TDU pant offers a fitted waistband with stretch capacity. The uniform’s articulated pattern provides a streamlined appearance while simultaneously allowing for a full range of motion. The knees of the pants are double-layered for enhanced durability. The Stryke TDU will be available in February 2015 in Black, storm, TDU khaki, TDU green and dark navy. (; 866-451-1726)


5.11 Tactical ChromaFlex Badges

I was so excited to find the ChromaFlex badge. Officers who work in agencies that are typically opposed to subdued or embroidered badges on uniform shirts, jackets and outer vest covers because administrators are afraid that the badge is not metallic and identifiable finally have a solution. This badge is adhered to the fabric, remains intact and is metallic and identifiable. This will prevent seatbelts from causing traditional badges to fall off or at least unlatch, and prevent the officer from being entangled during a hasty exit from their squad car. If I was still an active officer at my agency, I would definitely advocate for these badges even if I had to pay for them. (; 866-451-1726)


Aimpoint Micro T-2

The Micro T-2 was designed in response to customer feedback indicating they wanted a more rugged red-dot sight. The Micro T-2 has a redesigned and reinforced housing as well as flip-up covers to protect the lenses. According to Aimpoint, the Micro T-2 can withstand all types of environmental conditions. Additionally, the company improved upon the optical performance of the sight, which resulted in a new lens and an important breakthrough in reflective lens coatings. The standard configuration of the Micro T-2 contains the sight, a Picatinny mount, a black front flip cover as well as a transparent rear flip cover that allows the user to engage a target with both lens covers closed in an emergency situation. The unit features a 2-MOA dot, it weighs 3.4 ounces, and the battery life is 50,000 hours (kept on a setting of 8 and using a lithium CR2032 battery). (; 703-263-9795)


DutySmith StreetForce Rapid Deployment Gear

Although the StreetForce Rapid Deployment Gear was developed about 18 months ago, the company is taking dealer orders for the first time. DutySmith is manufacturing oleoresin capsicum holders, single/double handcuff pouches and single/double magazine pouches for duty belts. They are available in a plain finish, basket weave or nylon. These holders have five features that the company believes will prevent obstruction to access of needed gear under stress. The five features that set this equipment apart from the others include a snag-free interior for smoother deployment and re-holstering, spring-loaded pop-up flaps that will stay up and open, easy-grab cutouts for more physical contact and control with the gear when deploying, raised grip tabs for faster indexing when unsnapping the flaps, and a combination magnet/snaplock for quick closing and added security. (; 888-557-4543)


First-Light USA TORQ

First-Light’s TORQ light captured my attention because of its unique design. This light has a patented finger-loop design that allows the user to maintain a natural grasp on the firearm while maneuvering the light. This little light delivers 155 lumens of white light. First-Light will also offer several options for carrying the TORQ light so that it can be carried on a duty belt, strapped to a vest with MOLLE straps or by using a magnetic retention system. The front of this light has a 320-degree rotating head that can be used as a safety beacon on the officer’s duty belt when the head is rotated and the colored strobe lights are activated. This light is made of polymer and operates via two AA batteries. (; 877-454-4450)


Hydrapak Stash Collapsible Bottle

Although this product wasn’t originally on my radar for 2015, I was introduced to a collapsible bottle called the Stash. It is available starting in 2015 and stores 25 ounces of any liquid an officer may find useful. Officers may see added value to the fact that this bottle collapses and could be stored in a go bag or tactical bag. It is good for hydration on those long stakeouts or drawn-out tactical situations. (; 510-632-8318)


Point Blank Long Gun Vest Sling

Point Blank Enterprises recently unveiled a new long gun retention system that will attach to a user’s tactical vest cover by means of a polymer plate. The system suspends the long gun and the swivel plate mount, allowing the operator to position the rifle in different positions in approximately 30-degree increments by pulling a quick-release strap. The long gun is quickly released from the retention system by pulling a second strap that disengages two buckles. This product will allow operators to maintain empty hands, prevent unintentional entanglement of the weapon and sling with other duty equipment, and offer relief in the form of redistribution of weight across the upper body. (; 800-413-5155)


SabreRed Eye Wash Adapter

SabreRed introduced a new eye wash adapter for law enforcement for 2015. This invention allows for a simple conversion of a water bottle into a portable eye wash station. This will help flush contaminates, specifically their red hot oleoresin capsicum spray, from the eyes. It is a small adapter than can be easily carried in any officer’s personal kit or a squad’s first-aid kit. (; 800-325-9568)


Safariland 578 GLS Pro-Fit Holster

The 578 GLS Pro-Fit Holster is a holster that many law enforcement officers will choose for both on and off duty. This holster has several features that will make it appealing to law enforcement officers such as Safariland’s unique Grip Lock System (GLS), an innovative technology that automatically secures a handgun when holstered and releases it upon application of the middle finger with a standard shooting grip. This release mechanism is unique because it allows the user to release the firearm away from the triggerguard and allows for users with varying hand sizes to properly grasp the firearm when releasing the retention. This holster is designed to fit more than 60 firearms based on barrel length and can be customized for a perfect fit. (; 800-347-1200)


Seek Thermal Smartphone Camera

Seek Thermal launched its new thermal-imaging camera to the consumer market. Although this product is not law enforcement-specific, it is “the smallest, most powerful and least-expensive device of its kind.” These combined features will afford law enforcement officers the opportunity to personally own and utilize this technology, potentially making their jobs safer and more efficient. The Seek Thermal camera is compatible with both Android and Apple smartphones. When the device is used with a smartphone and the Seek Thermal app, the user can view the heat signatures of a variety of objects (animate and inanimate) and take still and video images from up to 1,000 feet away. (


SOG Growl

I had inquired SOG about a knife suitable as a secondary deadly force weapon and was directed to this knife. This is a fixed-blade tanto knife. The knife’s overall length is 8.1 inches and it weighs only 5.4 ounces. The blade length is 3.6 inches and the blade thickness is 0.25 inches. It is a hearty knife that fits well in the hand, and its fixed-blade design means there’s no need to worry about a failed locking mechanism in a deadly force situation. (; 888-405-6433)


SOG Trident Elite Tanto

No duty belt is complete without some sort of edged weapon. SOG recently introduced its new Trident Elite Tanto knife for 2015. The knife is designed to tackle any emergency situation. It features a slot cutter and a glass breaker along with SOG’s patented Assisted Technology for quick one-handed opening. The slot cutter built into the handle can cut thin rope, belts or webbing without opening the blade. The front of the handle has a built-in glass breaker for any situation so there’s no longer a need to unnecessarily damage flashlights and batons. The Trident Elite comes with a 3.7-inch blade made of reliable AUS-8 stainless steel and a durable glass-reinforced nylon handle with textured rubber inserts to improve grip. (; 888-405-6433)


Streamlight Protac HL USB

Streamlight’s Protac HL (high lumen) isn’t technically a new product, but the inclusion of a USB charging port, which is hidden on the light’s body near the reflector, is a unique feature that many law enforcement officers can appreciate. It features an anti-roll face cap and a removable pocket clip for attachment to a vest, belt or pocket. The light comes packaged with a USB cord and ballistic nylon holster. On high, the light delivers 850 lumens, a beam distance of 200 meters and a run time of 1.5 hours. On the low setting, it provides 85 lumens, a beam distance of 63 meters and a 12-hour runtime. The strobe will operate for for 1.5 continuous hours. The Protac HL USB comes with Streamlight’s limited lifetime warranty. (; 800-523-7488)


Streamlight EPU 5200 Battery Pack

For situations when the availability of car outlets and USB ports are insufficient, Streamlight is introducing a portable battery charger called the EPU 5200. This portable battery pack has a small, built-in LED light and will provide an emergency recharge to smartphones, flashlights and other devices through its included USB cord. When the pack is completely sealed it is also waterproof. The EPU 5200 also features a belt clip for mobile carry. (; 800-523-7488)


Streamlight Stinger & Strion HPL

Streamlight’s biggest technological improvement for 2015, according to the company, has to do with improvements to existing flashlight lines—the Stinger and Strion lights. Streamlight has improved these product lines by fine-tuning the components. This means that the light has further reach and greater periphery lighting than past models. The Stinger HPL and the Strion HPL both feature a multi-function, push-button switch for one-handed operation of the light’s momentary, variable-intensity or strobe modes. The Stinger DS HPL includes a second, easy-to-access, push-button tactical tail switch that is independently operated. (; 800-523-7488)


SureFire P2X Fury (IntelliBeam)

Illumination is something that is critical for officer safety. Throughout the years, technology has continued to improve. SureFire released its new and improved P2X Fury flashlight with IntelliBeam Technology. What sets this light apart from others in the market is its auto-adjusting, variable-output LED. Not only is this light bright at a maximum output of 600 lumens, the intelligent sensor and microprocessor-based system continuously adjusts the output of light based on environmental conditions and needs. This technology will actually evaluate the environment before turning on so that adjustment occurs before the output. The system can be overridden and maximum output can be achieved by turning the light off and on within two seconds. This product is set to launch around June 2015. (; 800-828-8809)


SureFire R2 Lawman

SureFire will be releasing the R2 Lawman flashlight later this year. It is the follow-up version to the R1 Lawman and the improvements include a slightly smaller size, an innovative variable-output tailcap switch, which allows the user to quickly switch between any level from zero to 600 lumens with the turn of the dial. (; 800-828-8809)


SureFire XC1

New to SureFire’s weapon-mounted lights lineup in 2015 is the XC1 compact pistol light. It is SureFire’s smallest weapon-mounted light at 2.5 inches, and it features a 200-lumen beam. This light was designed for concealed-carry pistols and does not protrude by width or length from the profile of a Glock 19 pistol. SureFire is currently working with various concealed-carry holster manufacturers to develop products that will accommodate the XC1. (; 800-828-8809)


Tactical Electronics UDC Pro

As a former SWAT supervisor married to a current EOD commander, I am continually drawn to Tactical Electronics’ products. One of the first products that caught my eye this year, because it was something that I could have used during my time on a tactical team, was the UDC Pro. This is a two-camera system that provides dual camera views. This unit has a ledge that is slightly thicker than a credit card that is equipped with the cameras. It can be slid under doors, such as in an apartment. The unit is equipped with forward and upward-facing cameras, and with the push of a button the forward and upward camera views can be wirelessly toggled, allowing operators to covertly inspect both the interior of a room and the interior side of the door. A telescoping deployment pole enables operators to quickly deploy and maneuver the unit from a position of cover. The UDC Pro features video recording and wireless video monitoring to Pro Monitors. There is also a wrist-worn monitor available. (; 866-541-7996)


U.S. Armor Copper Tec & Outlast Vest Carriers

Ask any officer who does not consistently wear body armor why, and their answer probably has to do with discomfort. Even for those officers who wear body armor consistently, there may be days when they forego donning their vests (if it is optional) because weather conditions are so severe that it seems more likely they’ll die from heat stroke than a bullet. U.S. Armor has introduced two new ballistic vest carriers that will eliminate excuses for not wearing a vest. The first vest carrier is called the Outlast, which uses phase-change materials called Thermocules that were originally designed for NASA’s space suits. The material absorbs, stores and releases heat to regulate an officer’s body temperature.

In addition to the Outlast, U.S. Armor has introduced its Copper Tec vest carrier. This carrier has a copper-based technology that is used in conjunction with spacer fabric to prevent heat rash and other skin conditions that arise from the moisture and bacteria commonly affiliated with wearing a ballistic vest. The carrier improves hygiene and eliminates odor-causing bacteria, fungus and microbes. (; 800-443-9798)


Voodoo Tactical Mini Tobago Pack

Voodoo Tactical introduced a smaller version of its Tobago Cargo Pack for 2015, the Mini Tobago. According to the company, the Mini Tobago pack retains many of the features and design elements of the original, including a similar shoulder harness, a removable sternum strap and a padded back for comfort and ventilation. The packs even look similar, with a large primary compartment, big pockets and two smaller pockets on the side. The mini version is much narrower and significantly shallower, having less than half the carrying capacity of the original Tobago. This pack is hydration compatible with a center, right or left side hose-routing system. The inside main compartment has two zippered mesh pockets and a bladder pouch The inside front compartment has three open-top pockets, two pistol magazine/cell phone pouches, a pencil holder and a key holder. The front compartment features a vertical zipper opening suitable for storing an iPod or other tablet or for stowing a pistol.

All pockets have outside MOLLE webbing that allows for the attachment of additional pouches or other MOLLE-compatible accessories. The pack also features silent zipper pulls, two compressions straps on each side and one double-stitched carry handle. The bottom of the pack includes loops for bedroll or jacket attachment. A ballistic plate can also be placed inside the bag, allowing it to be held like a shield. The bag measures 18 inches long by 10 inches wide by 5 inches deep. (; 914-384-0088)

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