In today’s world, there is no shortage of training options for new and experienced shooters. The challenge has been to sort through the static to find those who can really improve your skills. Once you’ve found a great instructor, it can be difficult to get to their classes because of travel costs, timing and life in general.

Enter the folks at Panteao Productions and their partnership with a legend in the training community—Pat McNamara.  Together they have created one of the most educational and enjoyable training videos on the market: Make Ready with Pat McNamara: Carbine TAPS.

Pat McNamara, who goes simply by “Mac,” served for over 22 years in special operations, with 13 of those years in Delta Force. He has extensive experience from combat zones in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. He trains individuals at basic and advanced levels of marksmanship and combat tactics.

With the Carbine TAPS (Tactical Application of Practical Shooting) video, McNamara introduces you to his performance-based training methodology. He reviews setting up your carbine, the basics of rifle marksmanship, discovery learning, malfunctions, use of cover, moving with a rifle, the four shooting positions, his “bilateral” drill, the “Grid of Fire” drill, the “Grinder,” the “Turn and Burn,” the “Blaze X” drill and more.

Panteao makes it easy to access this training—it’s available as a DVD but also streaming on Panteao’s website.

Mac’s Basics

The video is as entertaining as it is educational. Mac’s dynamic and direct style leaves nothing to the imagination regarding his opinions on tactics, gear and procedures. A master and devotee of the fundamentals, you will quickly appreciate Mac’s goal of having you subconsciously execute driven tasks.

Through meaningful repetitions, you can develop an exceptional fundamental base to work from. The video is particularly instructive because it challenges institutional knowledge. Just because something has been taught a certain way for decades does not mean it is right. Mac does a fantastic job of pointing out these flawed areas while explaining why they’re flawed and how to do them better.

There are few people who can speak from as much experience as Mac can in training courses. The cliché of “been there, done that” originates with this retired Delta Force operator. It is this experience that makes the video such a gold mine of information for the serious shooter. There is no fluff or pretense. 

The entire production is built around how to run your carbine like a pro and successfully engage if required. Know that the training video is not for the faint of heart or those with delicate sensibilities. The use of colorful language is common but not gratuitous in any way. Mac makes statements and uses all-purpose conversation intensifiers to send them home.

For those who honestly want to be better shooters, this is an exceptional source of information.

For more information, visit or call 800-381-9752.

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