New for 2014, EliteIron has announced the release of the EliteIron Revolution Bipod. Scroll down to watch a video showcasing this new product.

The EliteIron Revolution Bipod is a high-grade, durable accessory which is adaptable to a majority of weapon systems. The legs and tubes of the bipod are made from 4140 chrome moly steel, while the leg locks are made from 8620 high grade cold rolled steel, and the hidden springs on the bipod are made from 5160 steel. What’s more, all parts of the bipod have a magnesium phosphate finish which guards against corrosion. The mount is positioned lower on the bipod for added stability.

The adjustable legs on this bipod — which rotate 360 degrees — can be turned and extended in virtually any direction, including upside down. The bipod feet will ensure that the accessory remains stable and flat. This new release from EliteIron is attachable to a 1913 milspec rail, spade, or rigid bipod mounts. The all-steel variant of the bipod weighs 2 pounds. There is a lighter version which weighs 1.5 pounds. The Revolution bipod has been designed to accept rifles up to .50 BMG.

One of the major advantages of the EliteIron Revolution Bipod is its stability in design and its flexibility in any number of different situations. Indeed, thanks to the inner racers inside the mount, the shooter can take a stable shot at unusual angles while inside a narrow opening, inside buildings, on rough or slippery terrain, and more.

The EliteIron Revolution Bipod was designed, developed, tested and manufactured for military, law enforcement, and dedicated civilian shooters for a wide variety of shooting applications.

EliteIron is a leading manufacturer of suppressors, tactical weapon systems, NFA, non-NFA firearms, and other accessories. They cater to military, law enforcement and shooting sport professionals. The company is headquartered in Potomac, Montana.

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