Elite Iron™ has advanced the way shooters handle hot sound suppressors to state-of-the-art by introducing their new, improved second generation Suppressor Wraps. The patented Elite Iron Suppressor Wraps were first made available to military, law enforcement and serious civilian hunters and marksmen in January of 2010. Now their advanced design has been improved by combining upgraded 1000 Denier Fire Retardant (DFR) and CarbonX® materials designed to better stand up to the high heat produced by fired suppressors. The second generation Wraps now also come in two new colors, OD Green and Multi-Cam, in addition to the original Black and Coyote Tan.

Although the primary requirement of Elite Iron Suppressor Wraps was to reduce optical heat mirages when sighting – which is particularly important when looking through optics – they have several other benefits. Since heat is retained within the Wrap, operators can more easily handle hot suppressors. Suppressor Wraps are also designed so that camouflage elements, such as vegetation, can be easily attached for optimum concealment.

Available in OD and MultiCam.

The Wraps are not designed to be used for sustained full auto fire, although limited semi-auto fire is acceptable. Suppressor Wraps are patented (Patent #628.260) and can be purchased directly from Elite Iron. Elite Iron Wraps can only be sold to U.S. residents and U.S. government agencies. In addition, Elite Iron can only conduct export sales to foreign governments with approval from the Department of State and within ITAR regulations.

Elite Iron is based in Potomac, Montana. Owners Kathy and Dale Poling feel they have a unique product with an advantage for everyday use. At the January SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Mrs. Poling explained to those who saw the product at their booth, “Elite Iron Suppressor Wraps are available in almost every size. And although there is a Wrap to fit every Elite Iron suppressor, our Wraps can fit many other rifle sound suppressors available today from .22 up to big 50 caliber rifles.” Those interested are encouraged to visit the new Elite Iron web site at to see pictures, sizes, colors and prices and download more information about the Suppressor Wraps.

Elite Iron is a manufacturer of firearms sound suppressor solutions and other accessories. The company is headquartered in Potomac, Montana, and serves those firearms enthusiasts and professionals who require high performance from the equipment they use in serious shooting sports, law enforcement, and military applications. For more information, visit the Elite Iron web site at To contact Elite Iron call 406-244-0234 or send e-mail to

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