EliteIron received a lot of feedback before it proceeded with its new line of stainless steel suppressors.

The manufacturer said it looked at “significant market research, requests from customers, and extensive internal development and testing,” before developing the all new stainless steel BattleDog Suppressor.

The BattleDog is touted as being as light or lighter, measurably stronger and much quieter than titanium suppressors.

Recent titanium suppressor product introductions into the marketplace by other manufacturers have attempted to provide a solution to the need for lighter suppressors. But it has also become apparent that titanium has brought to light new problems inherent in using it for sound pressure level reduction purposes. As one example, the intense heat caused by slowing and cooling rapidly expanding gases inside a titanium suppressor causes scaling, or the “flaking off” of titanium after extended use, thus degrading its strength and accuracy.

EliteIron considered titanium and other space age materials for designing and manufacturing suppressors and says it will continue to investigate ways to use alternative materials.

However, to fill the need for what customers want now, EliteIron opted to build a lighter, stronger and quieter suppressor through the company’s proprietary design using the best possible material: 17-4 stainless steel.

The new EliteIron BattleDog stainless steel suppressor in .308 is 6 inches long, has a sound pressure reduction level of 28db and weighs only 16 ounces.

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