Protech Tactical, a brand of Safariland, has unveiled its newest ballistic shield.

The NIJ 0108.01 type IIIA Entry 1 First Responder Ballistic is the latest addition to the company’s Entry series of ballistic shields.

Designed around the same pattern as the standard Entry 1, the Entry 1 FR features a cut-out silhouette for long-arm shooter support.

Comprised of advanced composite, high performance polyethylene, the Entry 1 FR features an 18-degree curved design ideal for high-speed entry coverage, and tested against a variety of special threat rounds and velocities.

The Entry 1 FR has a 4-inch by 10-inch viewport for a safe view of any threats ahead.

The shield weighs 15 pounds, measures 24 inches by 36 inches, and is available now in black.

For more information on the Entry 1 First Responder Ballistic Shield and other products from Protech or Safariland, please visit

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