For the AR15 or similar carbine the EOTech has always been a preference and it is the sight of choice for the new FN SCAR. Having the opportunity to field many of their products over the years they all just seem to work well on these platforms. They typically co-witness iron sights without added mounts, they offer more than a simple “dot”, and they provide for some aiming options others do not.  Although EOTech offers a few choices, the most prevalent and preferred is the simple dot within the circle. This is available in a number of packages, but the most desirable of these is the 553.A65 (TAN).

This sight is the standard choice for many of the USSOCOM troops today. It is incredibly rugged and has a submersion rating to 66 feet. It features a 65-MOA outer ring, a 1-MOA dot and utilizes the CR123 batteries. Coatings on the lenses provide for no glare and no parallax. They are sealed against the atmosphere and the laminated glass is almost indestructible. It also is designed with a double throw ARMS mount built into the sight.

The desert tan color seems to be the color of choice for many today both in the military and law enforcement realm so this sight is right at home on most of the latest rigs. It matches quite nicely with the new FN SCAR 16S. I picked up mine for mounting on an M14 that was mounted in a Troy Industries stock of the same basic color.  I felt pretty certain that if anything could hold up to the larger caliber this one would.

This site mounts easily on any Picatinny rail system. I had the opportunity to use this sight for quite some time on my M14 and when that was retired it moved to an accurized AR platform in 6.8mm SPC. One of the things most convenient about this particular model is the ARMS mount. It allowed for quick removal on the M14 since a co-witness was not possible. On AR platforms it can be removed for other optics or if it becomes covered in debris or something else that obscures your vision. The dot within the circle reticle allows for multiple aiming points.

eotech2With the 7.62mm the dot was set for precision at 100 yards. At closer ranges, when the threat was in the circle, you were close enough for “government work.” No real need to find the small dot just put the threat in the circle and go to work. The outer line can be used for holding high or low for various sight offset and it can also be used for hold offs with the wind.  It allows you to aim precisely without obscuring the view of the threat. I have used this system on rifles in 5.56mm, 6.8mmSPC, 7.62x51mm, and even 7.62x39mm (AK 47). It is clearly one of the most versatile sights out there.

Tested & Proven
In all the years I have fielded these sights, no problems have really ever presented themselves. The batteries seem to last forever and having banged this one and many others around the trunk of my car for years they are about indestructible. Prior to this model the AA battery model on my entry rifle went almost three years without a battery change. The 553.A65 utilizing the Lithium 123 has a listed battery life of 500 to 600 hours at level 12. Short of completely neglecting your kit battery changes should be seldom. The EOTech 553.A65 is a simple, rugged, reliable and battle tested sight. You simply cannot go wrong putting this sight on any rifle you take to war or to work. Find out more at EOTech’s website or call them at 734-741-8868.

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For the AR15 or similar carbine the EOTech has always been a preference and…