SureFire recently hosted a few writers to a training event at their testing range. Intended to introduce several products coming to the market soon, this event offered a ton of shooting. Lewis Machine & Tool provided their new MRP rifle, which features a slim forend, match barrel and proven ergonomics. Dueck Defense provided RTS offset sights, which installed as a fiber-optic front blade in the one o’clock position on the MRP rifles.

Glock provided G17 Gen3 pistols. We were also treated to a new set of sights from Dueck Defense for the Glock 17s that were equipped with a ledge rear sight, which helped facilitate one-handed reloading drills, and fiber-optic front blades. Clothing, eye protection and other gear was provided by 5.11 Tactical. Team SureFire’s Mike Voigt and Barry Dueck conducted all of the training, along with an operational contractor from 5.11 Tactical. Hornady was kind enough to provide all of the ammunition for the event. SureFire also teased us with their first rimfire suppressor, the SureFire Ryder 22-A.

Live-fire training at the test range provided ample opportunity to put all of SureFire’s 5.56mm and 7.62mm suppressors to the test. Mike Voigt and Barry Dueck provided practical application drills using their competitive experience and training expertise. Working at an indoor range, we were able to see the functional differences between rifles equipped with flash suppressors, muzzle brakes and suppressors. Training in the use of the Covrt ZAP (Zone Assault Pack) 6 from a true expert using it in the field also offered a new perspective 5.11’s line of Covrt packs.

Stay tuned to for several reviews of the products demonstrated at this event. Most will be introduced prior to, or at, SHOT Show, with features and reviews to follow. In the meantime, take a couple minutes and watch the short video of the writers and Mike Voigt in action with these weapons and accessories. It was a great event as usual, thanks to the hard work and dedication of SureFire. I can hardly wait for the next one!

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