The AV-140 is a multi-shot grenade launcher (MSGL) from Abrams Airborne Manufacturing, Inc. (AAMI). It is designed to drastically increase a unit’s firepower.

The design is simple and reliable and allows soldiers to drop highly accurate rounds at a high rate of fire onto a target. When a small unit is engaged, it can face serious trouble if they are outnumbered and support is not imminent. In urban areas, artillery support can be problematic if not impossible, and air support may not be possible for a variety of reasons.

Using an AV-140 MSGL, a unit can immediately improve its situation by firing a volley of high-explosive rounds into an enemy position in short order. The mobility, ease of use and effectiveness of the launcher makes it a force multiplier.

Another benefit of the design is the AV-140’s versatility. It is capable of launching a wide spectrum of rounds ranging from high-explosive (HE) and high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT) rounds, to anti-riot rounds such as low-pressure batons and OC rounds.

The AV-140 can also be loaded with a variety of 40mm munitions, thus allowing the operator to select the desired round and fire without having to change the weapon load. All six of its 40mm grenades can be fired in three seconds, effectively covering a minimum area of 20 by 60 meters without reloading the weapon.

The AV-140 grenade launcher is accurate enough for pinpointing targets out to 125 meters (with a maximum range of 400 meters) with low-velocity grenades; with medium-velocity grenades, it’s accurate for pinpointing targets out to 250 meters with a maximum range of 800 meters. It truly is a modern-day force multiplier!

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