This week, has chosen to spotlight the Exoskel Urban Climber X2 shin guards, designed to enable the end user to rapidly climb urban obstacles. Click here to watch a video of these shin guards in action.

As points out, these are perfect for use by military, law enforcement, firefighters, and hunters, these guards protect the lower limbs while employing five rows of teeth which lock onto obstacles and terrain. The end user can safely climb using stirrups. In addition to climbing, the operator can use the shin guards to provide stability while firing on uneven ground. They can also be used as a close quarter battle tool and as a means to effectively restrain perpetrators.

The X2 Shin Guards by Exoskel have a weight of 1.1 pounds. According to, the guards (teeth, buckle, stirrups) are capable of holding in excess of 1000 pounds (450 kg) which is equivalent to a drop of 330 pounds (150 kg) from 19 inches (50 cm). They are shock absorbent and made from Polyamide, which is fire resistant and UL94 VO rated. These guards are available in two colors: Black and Coyote Tan. The manufacturer suggested retail price for this new product is $400.00. A $50.00 USD Discount will be offered on orders of the Exoskel X2 to all military, law enforcement, emergency rescue & response personnel, and other government agencies. Exoskel is also offering potential buyers a heavy duty, 5 gal (20L) dry bag to house the X2 shin guards. Manufacturer suggested retail price for that item is $35.00.

Features: Exoskel Urban Climber X2 Shin Guards

-Assists the operator to rapidly ascend urban obstacles
-Stabilizer: firing / brace position on uneven ground
-Shin Protector
-Close Quarter Battle Tool
-Perpetrator Restraint
-Injury Prevention
-Self Extinguishing Fire Resistance UL94 VO rated
-Weight per guard: 1.1 lbs (500 g)
-Shock absorbent

Exoskel was developed “after constantly failing to negotiate obstacles when rushed and weighed down, and after many cuts and damaged lower limbs,” according to their website. For more information about the shin guards manufactured by Exoskel, please visit

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