Having the most realistic target available will give shooters the best results, which is why Extended Gun developed the SKELETARGET.

Designed by veterans of the Special Operations community, SKELETARGETS teach the shooter to aim for vital areas. The realistic targets demand effective marksmanship and provide the shooter the ability to easily score their hits.

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Being able to quickly and easily see what shooters’ rounds will impact beneath the skin allows shooters to judge the effectiveness of their round placement.


Extended Gun designed SKELETARGETS to replace 1980s era black and white silhouettes that were simply overlayed with bulls-eyes.

During development Extended Gun used advanced photo editing techniques, overlaying actual X-Rays, and practical experience to create a more realistic target. SKELETARGETS mimic human anatomy so shooters can see what their rounds are impacting underneath the skin, and what effect the shooters can expect to have on the target.


SKELETARGETS were created to bridge the gap between competition targets and silhouettes. Extended Gun found that far too many competition targets had unreasonably sized target zones and silhouette/realistic targets weren’t set up for competition and drill shooting. Through the use of clearly outlined and colored zones shooters can easily score SKELETARGETS for drills, while maintaining a realistic threat target.


The colored zones on the target aren’t just for competition or drill shooting. Each zone indicates a different group of body systems and an expected round count to incapacitate a threat in real life.

The red zone of the target indicates an area on the body where one hit would be expected to incapacitate the target.

The blue zone indicates an area where two to three hits would be expected to incapacitate the target.

The green zone indicates an area where four or more hits would be expected to incapacitate a target.

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