FAB Defense TAR Podium Quick Deployment Bipod

Anyone who’s shot a Tavor knows what an excellent firearm it is. FAB Defense saw an opportunity to improve the Tavor even further with its quick deployment TAR Podium bipod.

The quick deployment TAR Podium bipod provides stability when you have to go prone or are shooting off of an uneven surface. The sleek, compact design ensures a shooter better stability when it counts.

The bipod replaces the grip cap and attaches with a single screw, without interfering with gripping the weapon. The design is compact and doesn’t have any protruding parts that could get caught on anything.

The TAR Podium is rapidly deployed with the simple push of a button giving the shooter stability at the moment it’s needed.

Being mindful of additional weight concerns, the TAR Podium is constructed of extremely light and durable, high-end, reinforced polymer composites. Installation is fast and easy, no gunsmith required. By attaching the bipod to the grip, the rail has room for needed accessories.

The TAR Podium has an MSRP of $92.80 and is available in black, olive drab green or desert tan.

For more information on the TAR Podium and other products from Fab Defense, please visit FAB-defense.com.

FAB Defense products, including the TAR Podium bipod, are available in the U.S. through The Mako Group at TheMakoGroup.com.

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