In 2015, Federal Premium redefined how turkey shotshells are supposed to perform with the introduction of 3rd Degree.

New for 2016, Federal Premium has expanded its 3rd Degree line to include a 20-gauge offering.

Rather than simply pattern tightly like conventional loads, 3rd Degree uses a multi-shot, three-stage payload to deliver larger, more forgiving patterns at close range, while still providing deadly performance at long distance.

The 3rd Degree 20 Gauge rounds include 20 percent No. 6 FLITESTOPPER pellets for forgiving close-range patterns, 40 percent copper-plated No. 5 lead for lethal performance at mid-range and 40 percent HEAVYWEIGHT for dense, high-energy patterns at 40-plus yards.

The pattern of No. 5 Premium lead, No. 6 FLITESTOPPER lead and No. 7 HEAVYWEIGHT shot is maximized by the FLITECONTROL wad, which opens from the rear and stays with the shot column longer than conventional wads for full, consistent patterns.

For more information on the 3rd Degree 20 Gauge and other products from Federal Premium, please visit

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