Federal Premium Ammunition has enhanced its excellent line of ammunition with a couple of new bullets for 2014.

The first, the all-new Trophy Copper Muzzleloading Bullet, was created to have something that was easy to load without sacrificing any accuracy.

The exclusive B.O.R. Lock MZ System of the muzzleloading bullet provides outstanding accuracy in a non-sabot design that’s easy to load, scrubs fouling from the breech and ensures consistent bullet seating.

The muzzleloading bullet’s foundation is a polymer cup that’s permanently attached to the bullet base. The force of ignition pushes the cup forward onto raised bands along the bullet shank, expanding its diameter. This engages the rifling and seals the bore, optimizing velocity and accuracy.

The rear of the B.O.R. Lock MZ cup features a hard, fiber-reinforced polymer ring that scours fouling from the breech as the bullet is pushed into place. This decreases the need to clean between shots and makes it easy to seat the bullet at the exact same depth for every shot. Because there’s no bulky sabot, required loading force averages about half that of most sabot bullets.

Like other projectiles in the Trophy Copper line, the copper-alloy bullet features a polymer tip, with a deep, hollow cavity and skiving that allows for consistent, devastating expansion.

The other new-for-2014 bullet from Federal Premium is the Vital-Shok Trophy Bonded 10mm Auto, a full-power load that takes complete advantage of the caliber’s true capability.

While most 10mm loads are watered down to produce ballistics similar to those of the 40 S&W, Federal Premium’s Vital-Shok Trophy Bonded 10mm offers the muscle needed for both big game hunting and personal protection. Its new Trophy Bonded Jacketed Soft Point bullet design makes the load even more effective.

Based on the proven Trophy Bonded Bear Claw rifle bullet, its heavy jacket features a formed inner profile that preprograms and controls expansion to ensure deep penetration.

For more information on the Trophy Copper Muzzleloading Bullet or the Vital-Shok Trophy Bonded 10mm Auto, please visit

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