Federal Premium has developed a radical new approach to constructing target ammunition as part of its American Eagle line—with a Total Synthetic Jacket, or TSJ.

The new Syntech ammunition, available in 9mm and other common handgun calibers, features TSJ projectiles that dispense with copper entirely in favor of a tough polymer coating that completely encapsulates each round-nose projectile.

In testing, Federal engineers found a 12-percent decrease in barrel friction with the TSJ compared to traditional copper-jacketed ammunition, and 14-percent less barrel heat (a result in large part of the decreased friction). To achieve velocities and downrange energy equal to same-weight traditional FMJ loads, the engineers actually were able to utilize less powder, which, along with the lowered friction, helps reduce the felt recoil impulse for more enjoyable shooting.

Federal’s testing also discovered a benefit in terminal performance against common steel targets: smaller shrapnel that travels shorter distances when the Syntech TSJ ammunition disintegrates against plates and poppers, compared to the shrapnel generated by traditional FMJ and TMJ rounds. This suggests a safer shooting experience—and the bright red projectiles are just plain cool.

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