In the upcoming June 2014 issue of SPECIAL WEAPONS FOR MILITARY & POLICE, author D.K. Pridgen reports on the new Sons Trauma Kits, which make sure LE and military personnel always have first-aid capabilities on hand.

Pridgen writes, “Today, it’s becoming more important for first responders to be prepared to perform emergency care on themselves or someone else at the scene of an incident. The battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq have proven that immediate effective care was critical to saving lives. Having the supplies readily available is the secret to success. A large first-aid kit in the car will probably be too far away for officers who have trekked to a wreck or find themselves deep in a building, the scene of a mass shooting.

“Law enforcement officers will readily confirm that the precious real estate on their duty belt is already overbooked and each item is needed. However, supplies need to be with the officer, packed together for fumble-free ease of access. This is where Safariland and the Sons Trauma Kit from Phokus Research Group come into play. “Safariland recently announced that it would begin distributing Phokus Research Group’s Sons Trauma Kits, and this should come as no surprise, given Safariland’s 50-year commitment to provide lifesaving necessities to law enforcement officers, military personnel and non-commissioned citizens. The Sons Trauma Kit is designed with body armor wearers in mind, providing a way for first responders to keep trauma treatment supplies close at hand without sacrificing real estate on their duty belts.

“Safariland felt the Sons Trauma Kit was a natural extension of its body armor line because the ‘product is not merely carried, but is worn as an extension of the user’s ballistic vest.’ The Sons Trauma Kit is designed for easy removal when stored behind a ballistic trauma plate, beneath concealable armor or other storage locations. The Sons Trauma Kit’s design resists environmental threats (water and sweat) that might damage the supplies by the use of heavy-duty, medical-grade vinyl that is machine-pressure sealed with RF-welded seams and completed with a pull-tab opening. A ripcord system helps make deploying the kit’s contents quick.”

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