While odorless, biodegradable, and safe, FIREClean gun oil destroys carbon contamination and helps prevent future fouling.

It is designed for use in firearms, not repurposed from other industrial applications. It sticks to metal, resists “flinging” or blowing off of your gun, meanwhile it is also extremely heat-resistant, unlike conventional or synthetic oils.

FIREClean Gun Oil cleans deeply, removing “embedded” carbon fouling that is impossible to remove via brushing alone. By successfully fusing “cleaning” and “lubricating” functions for the first time, guns run longer and more reliably than ever. It conditions metal to resist carbon and other fouling buildup as well as providing durable lubricity. Firearms treated with FIREClean “blow out” fouling, rather than “trapping” fouling as other products do. In most cases, fouling can be simply “wiped off” with a rag or paper towel. Wire brushes with smelly solvents, dental picks to “pick off” carbon, etc. are a thing of the past.

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