The Tomahawk Tactical Light platform features an ergonomic-driven, right-angle design that provides hands-enabling, performance-enhancing capability, allowing operators to perform a wide range of hands-intensive tasks. User-configurable attachment clip

The Tomahawk Tactical Light is a compact and lightweight lighting tool that delivers incredible output. Depending on the model, operators can deliver 120 lumens of white light, have versatility of colored output, or select the option of infrared capability.

Mounting traditional lighting tools has always had limitations. The right-angle design of the Tomahawk makes it ideal for attaching the light – providing hands-free forward lighting. Each Tomahawk Tactical Light comes with a mounting clip which is ideal for uniform and MOLLE-mounted application.

Designed with the hand of the operator in mind, the Tomahawk is built to adapt to the operator’s actions, rather than forcing them to adapt their actions to their lights. The Tomahawk allows for faster response, allowing operators to perform more intuitively and ably. Tomahawk isn’tnv-cont-pan-thumb.gif just designed to be more effective light – its designed to help operators be more effective themselves.

Tomahawk’s intuitive control panel is optimally placed for ease of operation. Users can quickly select momentary, constant-on, and three brightness levels of white light with one thumb. Depending on model, white light, colored output, strobe, and infrared functions can all be selected and adjusted with slight movements of the thumb – increasing economy of motion and eliminating complex hand and finger manipulations.

The Tomahawk comes in the following models:

Tomahawk LP- (Standard Model) Includes three levels of Constant-On light, our exclusive Retention System and aerospace-grade aluminum construction. MSRP $129

Tomahawk GP- (Mil-Spec Model) Made in the USA, Tomahawk GP is designed to exceed military specifications and stand up to the rigors of today’s armed forces. MSRP $149

Tomahawk ST- (Strobing Model) Tomahawk ST delivers the rugged performance of our GP model, along with First-Light’s exclusive Ready-Strobe strobing function, designed to disorient subjects with just a quick press of the thumb. MSRP $169

Tomahawk MC- (Multi-Colored Model) Grounded by a center-core of 120 lumens of white light, Tomahawk MC adds a ring of colored LEDs – either Red & Blue or Red & Green. Other color combinations can be custom designed for required specifications and requirements. MSRP $199

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