FirstSpear makes equipment for the modern warfighter that is always reliable on the front line.

One of the company’s newest additions, the Multi-Access Radio Mission Pouch, continues that theme of reliability.

The Multi-Access Radio Mission Pouch allows the user to directly view the key frequency and input screen or can be configured to allow a second party to service the radio while still on the user’s equipment.

An opening at the bottom of the pouch allows for a quick battery change without the need to remove the radio from the pouch.

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The pouch’s shock cord retention and a speed tab secure the radio, while still allowing manipulation of the volume, frequency dial and other key controls on top of the radio.

The Multi-Access Radio Mission Pouch is available in four colors: black, ranger green, coyote and mulitcam.

FirstSpear’s Multi-Access Radio Mission Pouch retails for $67.98.

For more information on the Multi-Access Radio Mission Pouch and other products from FirstSpear, please visit

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