There’s no denying that FLIR had a big year in 2016. Indeed, the Wilsonville, Oregon-based manufacturer acquired Armasight in a deal worth $41 million. Naturally, the industry took notice. We certainly did, which is why we made it a point to swing by the FLIR booth at SHOT Show this year, where there were a grand total of 22 new products on display.

These new thermal handhelds, weapon sights, and clip-ons — all developed as a result of the Armasight acquisition — are powered by FLIR’s new compact, 12 micron, uncooled, thermal camera core, FLIR Boson. Combine these beauties with precision optics, and you have quality imaging and functionality for the tactical and outdoor markets.

Watch the video above to get a rundown of a few cool new products that the company is offering for 2017, including the ThermoSight CM, a clip-on thermal rifle sight with a choice of a 50mm lens and a resolution of 320×240 or 640×480, or a 75mm lens with a resolution of 640×480. It’s part of the ThermoSight C-series clip-on imagers that mount in front of standard daylight optics for a fast transition to thermal in lowlight conditions with no change in cheek weld or trigger reach.

Also shown is the ThermoSight RM scope, which offers a thermal resolution of 320×240 with a 19mm lens and 640×480 with a 25mm lens.

The Q14 thermal mini monocular is the last product featured in the video above. Part of FLIR’s family of handheld thermal imagers, it’s the lights and most compact FLIR thermal monocular out right now. It boasts a thermal resolution of 640×480 and a fixed 19mm lens, and it offers mounting options for helmets, goggles and weapons.

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