Force on Force's 9mm Marker Rounds
Force on Force's 9mm Marker Rounds

Force on Force, a manufacturer of non-lethal ammunition and gear for live-action, reality-based training scenarios, is offering a line of 9mm marker rounds for duty pistols and rifles.

These rounds are lead-free, which means they’re safer for indoor use, as well as being environmentally responsible and immune to lead contamination. Another advantage is that the marking agent never dries, making it easy to wash clothes and clean up. These 9mm marker rounds come in recyclable aluminum cartridge cases, are propellant-free, boast an extra-long shelf life, offer less fouling compared to other products in this space, and come with felt recoil similar to duty rounds.

Force on Force’s 9mm marker rounds are available in five different colors: Blue, Green, Red, White, Yellow. See below for additional features and technical specifications.

Features and Benefits:

  • Marking agent never dries, making clean up effortless
  • Lead-free
  • Robust function
  • Clean firing
  • Doesn’t foul barrels
  • Distinct marking and reliable ballistics

Technical Specifications

  • CALIBER: 9mm
  • COLORS: Blue, Green, Red, White, Yellow
  • CARTRIDGE CASE: Aluminum
  • PROJECTILE MASS: 6-grains (0.39 gms)
  • PRIMER: Lead-free based primer
  • MARKING COMPOUND: Non-toxic, washable
  • SHELF LIFE: Minimum 5 years
  • RECOMMENDED STORAGE: Cool and dry area
  • PISTOL ACCURACY: 4-in (10.2 cm) at 25-ft (7.6 m) ***
  • RIFLE ACCURACY: 3-in (7.6 cm) at 25-ft (7.6 m) ***
  • PISTOL VELOCITY: 325 – 425-fps (100 – 130 m/s) ***
  • RIFLE VELOCITY: 325 – 450-fps (100 – 137 m/s) ***
  • MUZZLE ENERGY: (Avg) *** 1.4 – 2.7 foot-pounds (1.9 – 3.7 J)
  • MAXIMUM RANGE: 660-feet (200 m)
  • MAXIMUM TRAINING RANGE: Approximately 50 feet (15 m)
  • VISUAL INSPECTION: 100% visual inspection of finished cartridges prior to packaging
  • LOT IDENTIFICATION: Each lot of ammunition is assigned a unique identification number to include the day, month and year of manufacture and assembly line on which manufactured
  • *** NOTE: Values are dependent on many variables such as: type of weapon system, barrel length, type of rifling, and cleanliness of the weapon

For more information on the 9mm Marker Rounds and the full range of products offered by Force on Force, please visit

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