Frankford Arsenal Reloading Tools Platinum Series Hand Deprimer Tool

Battenfeld Technologies’ list of brands is both extensive and impressive.

Among those brands is Frankford Arsenal Reloading Tools, which just released a revolutionary hand deprimer.

The new Platinum Series Hand Deprimer Tool is another premium product offered under the Platinum Series line by Frankford Arsenal.

The Platinum Series Hand Deprimer is made of robust die cast aluminum and features a full length ergonomic grip. The fully contained operating system captures the spent primers in a collection tube of that can be removed and emptied with ease.

The Platinum Series Hand Deprimer features Frankford’s patent-pending, Universal Collet System that can handle brass from .20 cal all the way up to .338 Lapua.

Frankford’s versatile Hand Deprimer can also deprime pistol brass and Military crimped primers quickly and easily. In just four simple steps you can deprime your spent brass by hand.

For more information on the Platinum Series Hand Deprimer and other products from Frankford Arsenal Reloading Tools, please visit

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