Front Line Quad Holster

Finding the right holster isn’t easy, but the people at Front Line Holsters have made the process considerably easier with the all new Front Line Quad Holster — which the company calls “the most versatile holster for concealed carry on the market.”

The holster can be worn inside the waste band, outside the waste band on the right or left side.

The holster can be affixed to a paddle or belt hook with pockets on either side of the holster. This design allows the holster to be ambidextrous and worn IWB or OWB. If circumstances make it necessary, you can lend the holster to someone who shoots with the opposite hand as you and easily change how the holster is worn, with just a few adjustments.

The Front Line Quad Holster is available in black or brown leather, over molded Kydex (a brand name for a particularly strong type of plastic) and is lined with suede. The classic leather finish is sleek, while the Kydex is strong and reliable and the suede lining protects your firearm from scratches and ensures a quick, smooth draw.

Both males and females can wear a Front Line Quad Holster with comfort. With a minimized profile, women can easily wear the Quad Holster outside of a skirt without feeling self-conscious.

With maximum comfort in mind, the holster is easily concealed while wearing workout gear for runners and others who may be wearing light or thin clothing.

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Front Line products, including the Front Line Quad Holster, are available in the U.S. through The Mako Group at

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