G-Code Holsters specializes in making its equipment ideal for the gunfighter using its.

Hand crafted for the evolving mission of Special Operations Forces, the company’s new G-Code Scorpion is a versatile and minimalist series of magazine and fighting equipment carriers.

The interior of each Scorpion pouch is lined with G-Code Tactical FUZZ. This wall creates a friction medium that both retains the magazine and provides a smooth, silent draw when accessing a fresh source. Engineered channels provide armored protection of the binding cord while ensuring the precision placement of the interlace.

Ambidextrous, completely modular and RTI compatible, every carrier in the line integrates with the entire family of  G-Code mounting accessories out of the box.

The tension/retention of each pouch in the Scorpion line can be dialed in by the end user to fine tune the feel of the draw until it is “just right.”

The G-Code pouches can also be “stacked,” enabling user configurable multi-rifle, multi-pistol or rifle/pistol platforms.

The Scorpion line ranges from $22.25 to $28. Products are available now.

For more information on the Scorpion and other products from G-Code, please visit

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