Galco KingTuk for Springfield XD-S

Galco KingTuk for Springfield XD-S is now available.

The Galco KingTuk IWB has proven to be among the best for concealment, comfort, speed and versatility. The hybrid design provides a comfortable backing plate made of lined saddle leather with Napa leather front, combined with a rigid Kydex holster pocket, offering for a fast draw and easy return to the holster.

The Galco KingTuk’s removable metal belt clips (fitting belts up to 1¾”) can be moved to correspond with holes in the leather, enabling the user to set the carry height and angle to suit their unique preferences. Optional interchangeable injection molded nylon C-Hooks – fitting belts up to 1¼” and sold separately – are also available. The C-Hooks offer an even lower profile on the belt, and enhance the Galco KingTuk’s already excellent concealability.


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