Geissele Automatics Super Select-Fire (SSF) Trigger

It’s no secret that Geissele Automatics manufactures quality accessories for military, law enforcement and civilian shooters. The company is now continuing that tradition with the release of their new Super Select-Fire (SSF) Trigger. Designed as a select-fire combat trigger for the U.S. Special Operations community, the SSF Trigger by Geissele Automatics is not designed for match use. In addition, the SSF trigger is suitable for Close Quarters Battle (CQB) and mid-range carbine work, as well as Squad Designated Marksman (SDM) rifles which require automatic fire capability. In semi-automatic mode, the SSF functions like a match-grade two-stage trigger for precise, accurate and optimized trigger control. In fully automatic mode, the SSF operates like a single-stage trigger with a continuous trigger pull and abrupt hammer release. MSRP is $320.00. See below for additional details.

Performance Advantages for the Shooter

-The Geissele SSF has a semi-automatic pull weight of about 4.5 lbs — 2.5 lbs on the first stage and 2 lbs on the second stage. The automatic pull weight is about 3/4 lb higher than the semi-auto pull weight. The pull weights and sear engagement are non-adjustable by the shooter but are adjustable by the armorer. Organizations may contact Geissele directly for custom factory modifications to the above.
-Trigger and hammer are made from quality tool steel.
-Sear surfaces are cut by a wire edm machine. Sears cut this way are very accurate and the non-directional surface finish of the wire edm gives a smooth trigger pull without the associated grittiness of directional machining marks left by a milling cutter.
-The initial force needed to start the disengagement of the sear surfaces is low and the force linearly increases at a low rate. This helps the shot to fall at the initial point of aim and aids in building shooter confidence in his weapons ability to put the rounds where his sight is pointing.
-The Geissele SSF trigger allows the shooter to slap through the semi-automatic trigger pull on close in shots but also set up a long range shot with a crisp trigger break. The automatic pull is a smooth single-stage that is ultra controllable.
-A full force hammer spring is used for quick locktime and positive ignition of all types of ammo. No lightened hammer spring is used.
-The hammer is lighter than a standard M4 hammer. The lightened hammer favorably decreases locktime and increases accuracy of the weapon, especially for snap shots.

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